This is the set of songs that inspired and are complementary to the illustrations for the exhibition “From the World to the Montado”, brilliantly interpreted by the Sociedade de Instrução Coruchense.
Everyday we hear about sustainability, climate change, and various other environmental issues. But do we truly understand them?
Each music, a theme. Each theme, a story. Each story, a person.
From the amazon to the montado, eight environmental investigators and technicians agreed to share a story in the first person and to show how we can contribute, here and now, to a better environment.


• Beyond the Sea (02:33 minutes)
• Into the Storm (05:45 minutes)
• Pássaros do Brazil (07:00 minutes)
• Swingair Bumblebee (03:27 minutes)
• Danças com Lobos (06:37 minutes)
• Jurassic Suite (04:44 minutes)
• The Lion King (08:31 minutes)
• Suite Alentejana (08:22 minutes)

Themes focused on by each speaker:

• Plastic Pollution in the Ocean (05:15 minutes)
• Climate Crisis (02:36 minutes)
• Amazon Deforestation (02:41 minutes)
• Decline of Pollinators (04:13 minutes)
• Endangered Species: The Iberian Wolf (02:06 minutes)
• The 6th Mass Extinction (02:30 minutes)
• Poaching (05:10 minutes)
• The Montado as a Sustainable Ecosystem (03:13 minutes)


4th of January, 2020

Salão Paroquial de Coruche, Portugal